Monday, 4 January 2016

Sweatshirt: Typical Freaks | Headband: Asos | Lipstick: Mac Matte Royale
 I got this sweatshirt from a brand called 'Typical Freaks', from their depop account (ilovedepop) where they basically sell loads of one off 'sample sale' garments, I was lucky enough to get a super soft plush sweatshirt from my sisters from this brand as well for christmas and whilst not cheap, their depop sample sale stuff is a hella lot cheaper than there final collections! Theres a plastic printed raincoat/dress I'd LOVE to own but unfortunately until I fulfil my 2016 dream of being rich and successful I will just have to dream ^.^ I first found out about this brand when I was walking around Hyper Japan with Louise, my very talented trend forecaster friend / boss, she pointed them out to me and said I should try and get work with them! Although I didn't pluck up the courage to ask about an internship, I did rifle through their rack and fall in love with their bold colourful hand printed garments that pretty much sum up my own personal design work. I love finding a brand that have modern concepts. are heavily stylised with print and colour and feel a little outrageous, in 2016 I definitely want to try and find more brands like them ^.^ 
(I'm really starting to regret my shaved head when I look at photos like the above ^^^^ WHYDOESMYFRINGELOOKSOWEIRD)

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  1. Your bag is adorable<3. Nice pictures!


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