Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bugs Bunny Bag (H&M Sale Now!)
Garfield Socks: Lazy Oaf
Sandals: Primark
Trousers: Topshop
Grey Top: Primark
Kimono: Primark
Hairdye: Raspberyy Rebel Schwarzkopff Semi Permanent :)

I love this bugs bunny bag I picked up last week in H&M, I spied his friendly face from across the store as soon as I walked in and was so happy when I realised it was in the sale for £10, I couldnt resist! It's perfect for packing up (what feels like my life) for uni in the morning and will be a perfect size for weekends travelling back home and across to see friends! 
University this week has been a progressive productive week and I'm trying to stay positive! The sunshine definetely helps and so do the friendly faces at Uni, I feel we're a final year fashion team that pull eachother through the days that some times feel so difficult!
 I dyed my hair on Sunday in what is known as 'Rasberry Rebel' I like starting off a new term at Uni with fresh ends that I know by the time hand in rolls around will be faded worn out washed out and in need of some reviving! I normally dye my ends pink and purples but wanted to go for a reddier tone this time. At the moment its crazy bright and I need to dye my orange back into the roots so I'm not sure how much I love it right now, but am hoping with another wash the fluro-glow will tone down a little and I wont feel the need for sunglasses everytime I look in the mirror! When it gets properly into summer I want my hair to be like a sunset/sunrise, going from orange to a reddy pink to yellow tips. I can't imagine having normal coloured hair! ^.^ 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

 Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Top: Ilustrated People, Bag: Vintage, Flowers: Primark

(Sad face for not winning any nemos from 'The Claw!') 

Shoes & Socks: Primark

'The World is My Home'
 On Monday night me and Chase decided to go up to Brighton and stay overnight and enjoy some time along the seaside. It was so nice to be able to get away for a little bit in time and enjoy the sunshine, shops and company Brighton offered us. I've never been to Brighton before or even that far south and the journey of 3 hours definitely felt epic (especially on the way back). When I was younger we always went to Hunstanton as our seaside and Scarborough/Whitby as the seaside but with better views and a feeling of better culture so going somewhere different and seeing pebbles instead of sand and sparkling seas inside of the grey hues that Hunstanton always had to offer was awesome ^.^ We explored an area of Brighton called the lanes and there were so many cute cafes, comic book stores and vintage clothes/homeware shops to walk in and out of. I loved being somewhere different and actually going somewhere and doing something rather than always dreaming away time thinking of days away. When I finish Uni in June (so close..!) I definitely want to plan a few trips across the country and over into Europe to take some time and enjoy being young and free. Once I manage to get a job (and unless its teaching/I win the lottery) I doubt I'll ever be so fortunate as to be able to take a month off here and a month off there so putting the time of nerves and deliberation over my future into something fun and freeing seems like a nice idea ^.^

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Dungarees: Motel
Fur Coat: Vintage
Floral Crown: Zara
 Today was the last day of uni before easter, which means tomorrow I get to go back home and enjoy a few days of freedom and happiness and I'm so excited to fill my time with new memories ^.^
This past week has been difficult at Uni, its been full of frustration and tears and the feeling of neverending patterns, toiles and calico; I managed to finish this week on a positive note. After toiling shorts, fifties style pants and bralets about a thousand times I was left with something that has begun to resemble what I want to feature in my final collection, which after 6 weeks trying this is a major achievement it feels.
After finishing for the day it was nice this afternoon/evening to enjoy the sunshine and light nights outside with awesome company and (a not so awesome- sorry coventry..) city views ^.^

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