Monday, 16 February 2015

Sacre Coeur View (Photo Credit: Abagailemily)

Pierre Balmain Exhibition

Last week I went to Paris! As part of my Fashion Degree when we get to our 'FMP' we go over to Paris to a little fabric area near the Sacre Coeur and armed with our moodboards and silhouette ideas we enter into two days of fabric frenzy. I came away with what my tutor described as 'so disgusting their fabulous' (uhh.. thanks?) My colour palette was yellows/pinks/oranges with accents of black and green; to begin with I didnt want the colour to be overwhelming but then I looked at myself and realised my collection is going to be the brightest rainbow you've ever seen walk down a runway!
Buying fabric can to be honest be overwhelming. After being prewarned by our tutors we could spend anywhere up to two thousand pounds on our fabric I opted to cover my eyes and enter my pin number for every transaction and had moments of delirium when I bought 7 metres.. YES.. 7 metres.. of glitter plastic.
Three full days in Paris and two ten hour coach trips destroyed me. I can only liken the end result of walking off that coach at the end and hauling 64 metres of fabric up steps as on a par with the last walk of Leeds Fest. I have therefore spent the past four days (including valentines day :( ) horribly ill, I have drank atleast fifty litres of orange juice and struggled to eat anything and at the moment im cleaning my room in stages as ive got that pathetic zero energy, shaking everytime i do anything kind of flu. 
I am however excited for the coming months, buying fabric has really motivated me and made me feel excited again for the possibiltiys, sometimes working in a sketchbook I get so caught up in 'Art' that I struggle to see it in terms of fashion. Its scary to think in 3 months I should have a 6 piece collection ^.^


  1. I bet your collection is going to be amazing!!
    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

  2. I actually really love the sound of your colour palette! I hope you start feeling better soon, flu is awful

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. looks amazing! i wish i got trips like this as part of my degree haha :( xo

  4. Aww I just love the cat! I have one similar but hes much older :-) Black cats really are beautiful <3 I also love your hair and make-up, so pretty! xx | Giveaway


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