Saturday, 2 May 2015

All Work My Own.

I'm sat in my room with one week till my final major hand in (6 days to be more precise. I am a constant calender/clock watcher right now) and I have no motivation to sit on Illustrator or Illustrate with the abundance of promarkers strewn across my bed. I have an interview on Wednesday for an accessories company based back home and a list as long as my long long arms of garments to be made next week and its just too much. I'm at the stage where I've cared about everything so much for so long that I dont love it anymore I just want to be rid of it and then maybe in a month (if) when it goes down those catwalks I can fall back in love with my HOURS and HOURS of hard work and be proud of what I've achieved.
I'd quite like to just sit and watch Pretty Little Liars all day every day and not worry about invisible zips, flatlockers and portfolios.

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  1. Oh Paige 😳 You are a truly amazing young lady with an awesome talent and you will look back on this with immense pride - and so you should as your garments and print are just beautiful 💓💓 I am so incredibly proud of you sweetheart!!! Very best of luck for your interview - I will be thinking of you 😊 Lots of love Momma Xxxxxxx


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