Sunday, 24 May 2015

Jelly Shoes + Socks : Primark
Tutu Skirt : Lola Rose
Top : Topshop
Cardigan : New Look
Bugs Bunny Bag : H&M
Coat + Flowers : Zara
Phone Case (Designed by Me ^.^) : Claires

 I wasn't planning to come back home this weekend but after having my final catwalk show for my grad collection on Thursday night and staying up all night and going into work on Friday, by Saturday I was worn out and needed to go back relax and feel at home. I find it strange that no matter what I'm doing or what I'm achieving a small piece of me always wants to go back where theres countryside at every turn, it helps me to feel better and to want more from life, living in a city in student housing can sometimes feel suffocating, although with only 5 weeks left I know when its time to move out I'm going to be missing my freedom and shops on my doorstep.
Today I sat in the park, reading and looking a little out of place for the bumbling town of Oakham (although I feel I look a little eccentric most places I go !).
 I got these Jelly Sandals for my Catwalk Collection but after buying a size 6 I later found out my 6 models were all 7/8 (and one was even a 9 !). I was pretty happy to keep these and try out wearing them, I've been opposed to jelly shoes since they re-emerged and I have no idea why, there so me: glitter and plastic! I like wearing them with socks and skirts and I like these more than the flat jelly shoes as I feel like the 23 year old me is wearing the grown up version of the ones I wore when I was 5 at the seaside ^.^



  2. 5 weeks is that all?? You'll need a break after all the long hours you've put in. I remember when you were 5...though would never say it was 18 years ago šŸ˜³ oh and those jelly sandals lol! Much prefer the grown up version ☺️ Xxxx

  3. Loving the bright colours and those sandals are so cute x

  4. aww that outfit is so perfect, In loooove with your blog :D that coat is perfect and so is the tutu and shoes x3 xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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