Monday, 6 July 2015

Dress: Asos | Midi Skirt: Topshop | Fluffy Bag: Topshop | Socks + Sandals: Primark | Flowers: H&M 

Yesterday I met up with one of my favourite friends to hang out in London + see Mcqueens 'Savage Beauty' exhibition. 
I moved back home last week so it was nice to get away to my favourite city and feel immersed in a city culture that inspires and excites me. Leaving university has felt sad to me, mostly for what it represents: freedom and friends, it was nice to feel like neither of those have been taken away its just learning that by moving home I'm not moving backwards but forwards and I still have all the people and memories and freedom of the past 5 years but temporarily I'm having to figure out where to go to from here.
In London we wandered around the southbank area, eating amazing food truck food, drinking local brewed cider (where I learn't that asking for a fruity cider like Koppaberg is not the said thing...), enjoying the sunshine and talking ALOT ^.^
Angie had booked us tickets for the Mcqueen exhibition at 4.30pm so we wandered over there super early, raided the giftshop and got our phones ready to take sneaky photos (which apart from one blurred attempt neither of us managed to get any!). It was AMAZING to see Mcqueens collections, going from his MA graduate collection in 1992 through to his final collection in 2010. Seeing how far he came as a designer, the beauty and structure of his clothes and the knowledge of his craftsmanship was insane. He was a true genius. If you haven't been you need to get down and see it before it finishes, if you appreciate any form of art then you'll love this!
We finished the day by getting some photos of my outfit outside the infamous white houses, I loved my outfit for the day except when I went into the exhibition and just felt so boring compared to the exquisite work of Mcqueen... however I'll let that slide because y'know nothing I can afford is ever going to compare ^.^

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