Monday, 14 September 2015

Coat: Newlook | Tshirt: Tokyotoys | Skirt: Asos | Headband: Rock n Rose | Shoes : Primark
Yesterday I escaped with my boyfriend to the beach to fill my Sunday with sand, sea + happiness. It was nice to leave home behind for a little bit and visit my happy place, I love Norfolk and I LOVE Hustanton, it reminds me of being a little kid and playing on the sand with my sisters, caravan holidays and panda pop discos, the 90s were the best! Going back, its like time has stood still, rides I remember being new when I was 7 are still there now + if I look close enough I could find the same horse I always chose on the carousel, with only the fading paintwork hinting that time has moved on.
Alot has been happening in my life lately and I'm beginning to look ahead and push myself forwards, Im excited for Autumn and to be with friends, enjoy hot chocolates, board games, fireworks, candles, films + ofcourse winter fashion! I got this camel coloured coat from New Look recently and I'm in love with it! Last year Primark did a mens version of this coat which I BEGGED my boyfriend to get (its completely not him hahaha) because I wanted it for me, and finally I've got one ^.^ AND it was only £29.99, which is such a good price for an Autumn coat that I don't mind if it only lasts this winter! I saw it when I was out shopping with my beautiful best friend Abby, whose moving closer to me really soon and I'm excited to wear this coat on my many visits to see her ^.^

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  1. I love the coat! The photos are beautiful!


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