Monday, 4 July 2016

I got a small reminder this evening about dreaming big and looking back I can't seem to pinpoint when I stopped.
Reality definitely gets in the way, and money and y'know all those things I said would never matter and yet somehow you need them to live and to pay off debts and things don't seem to come easy and everyone tells you to look at how much you've achieved but all I can focus on is that I didnt think this was how it would turn out and I KNOW im only 24 and I KNOW I have achieved a lot and things take time and then I BREATHE.
Its like this,since I finished Uni I'll be honest life for me has felt hard, at times depressing and my days at some points are filled with sitting in my own head and not being able to see a way out. Its hard to be a 'creator' when you feel like that and its hard to objectively or passionately plan what you want to do or what you want to achieve, when all I've wanted to do is get through this week and then the next. I've hit a crossroads where I feel I'm choosing where I'm taking my life, I'm not saying its the right path but its different and right now I need difference and happiness and a 9-5 job that lets me be those and then maybe I can start to remember what I wanted and also what I want now.
Although I never want reality to get in the way and believe me more than anyone (and if you know me you'll know this) I hate saying this but in our generation EVERYONE wants to be someone, and how amazing is that? We all have the opportunity for greatness. BUT on the flip side, we have so many people competing, the competition can feel so hard and when your getting nowhere it can feel so much easier to give up a little.
There is no point to this blog post but the inner ramblings of an overthinker and a wannabe overachiever who is 24 (nearly 25), with a horrible cold in July (like what), watching gilmore girls and resolving to remember why I love wearing pink eyeshadow and metallic skirts. PLUS I LOVE THE ZARA JACKET IM WEARING.

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  1. This is a gorgeous outfit! :D I love your hair colors too!
    -Jenna <3
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