Sunday, 1 May 2016

Skirt: ASOS, Jacket: House Of Holland, Top: Lazy Oaf, Disney Vans, Pom Pom: New Look

This weekend Me and Chase went car shopping to try and find my first car ^.^ Although as I sit and write this we haven't bought one, nor have I test drove any (I'm so scared I make Chase drive them), we have started crossing some off our list and moving others to the top of our list! My only needs are for it to be a bright colour (obviously) and small (again obviously because I can't park)! 
Its exciting looking at cars, when I was learning to drive it felt like I'd never get my license and after ALOT of tears and everyone else patience with me I've finally managed to earn the freedom of a driver. 
Me and my sisters grew up in a tiny village and we spent our whole childhood/teen years struggling to get anywhere, we used to work a part time job at a hotel that was only a 5 minute drive from us but on Sunday's when buses didn't run we used to walk an hour to work and back, across country roads and the local reservoir, dreaming of the day one of us could drive and have a car. I'm now 24 and I can't wait to rely only on myself, when you haven't had the most supportive upbringing and you've struggled for ALOT of things, finally having the chance to rely on yourself for everything thats exciting and my first little car is the most exciting thing for me ^.^ 
I'm so excited when I can drive Chase to surprises for his Birthdays, and I can drive and see my Best Friends for days out and evenings of tea and films, and I can't WAIT to annoy Gemma by constantly driving over to watch Drew Barrymore rom coms.


  1. How am I only just finding your blog?! Your style is so amazing girl <3 I love this skirt X

    1. Aw thankyou! Just checking out your blog now lovely- your style is amaze <3 x


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