Friday, 30 January 2015

Black and Red Shirt: Religion @ Topshop
Fur Coat: Missguided
Orange Scarf: Topshop
Bindis: Ebay
Floral Veil: Asos
Backpack: Paperchase
I spent two days in London this week with Chase to go see The book of Mormon (which was amazing!), stay in one of the white houses with black doors and explore the streets like tourists ^.^
Life has been feeling intense over the past month and everytime I feel like things are getting happier something else happens. A break was nice to take some time away from the people and places that I can find myself so absorbed in and get inspired for the future and focus on that. 
I bought Chase tickets to see 'The Book of Mormon' for Christmas and it was SO GOOD, I've never been to the theatre before but I fell in love with it ^.^ We stayed overnight and spent the rest of the time exploring everything London has to offer. We stumbled through an Arcade, wandered into Chinatown, took photos outside of Parliament and found Pikachu in Tokyo.
 It was a perfect day with a perfect person :)


  1. lovely your phone case too so cute :) <3


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