Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Coat: Missguided
Hat: Primark (Chases!)
Eyeshadow: Naked Palette
Bindi: Ebay
Gemmas hat: Lazy Oaf
Shoes : Vans

 Over the past few days its been nice to escape back home and take some time to see familiar faces and feel that kind of simple happiness I find easiest to find when here.
Me and my sister Gemma went up to Rutland Water today and took some photos, it was nice to be able to experiment more with my camera as since getting it for Christmas I've felt limited in taking a variety of photos and playing around with all the settings. Although I didn't really do much else with it today it was still nice to walk around with it and pretend I was some kind of awesome photographer..
I'm going back to Coventry tomorrow for a week full of exhibitions/sketchbooks and portfolios and after coming home I feel happy to go back; its always nice to escape for a little bit but I think I'll forever be someone who likes to keep moving forward and I'm excited for London on Tuesday with Angie ^.^

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  1. Love your style :) these pics are so pretty.


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