Thursday, 2 April 2015

Dungarees: Motel
Fur Coat: Vintage
Floral Crown: Zara
 Today was the last day of uni before easter, which means tomorrow I get to go back home and enjoy a few days of freedom and happiness and I'm so excited to fill my time with new memories ^.^
This past week has been difficult at Uni, its been full of frustration and tears and the feeling of neverending patterns, toiles and calico; I managed to finish this week on a positive note. After toiling shorts, fifties style pants and bralets about a thousand times I was left with something that has begun to resemble what I want to feature in my final collection, which after 6 weeks trying this is a major achievement it feels.
After finishing for the day it was nice this afternoon/evening to enjoy the sunshine and light nights outside with awesome company and (a not so awesome- sorry coventry..) city views ^.^


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