Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lol where we live is so sunday suburbia.
Jacket: Oxfam | Dungarees: Lazy Oaf | Socks: Primark | Vans Mickey Mouse | Bag: HOH
Sunglasses: ASOS | Phone Case: SkinnyDip

I can't quite remember the last time I sat down and began to write on this little platform, but a lot has happened, some good and some not so good; but I feel with the sun beginning to shine and having passed my driving test last week (F I N A L L Y), things are starting to look up and I feel like good things are just around the corner.
This last weekend I got the chance to see some of my favourite people and spent the Saturday and Sunday catching up with old friends and finding a new love in lazerquest with my best friend for her birthday (I forgot how competitive I was until I started shooting small kids with my gun..).
At the moment it feels like I spend my whole week looking forward to two days, when I try and fill the hours with everything and everyone I miss Monday-Friday. Honestly I feel like having spent until I was 24 years old in education, coming out of it and perhaps not being exactly happy with where I am has made me miss the freedom and dreams constantly working towards something gave me. I miss being able to quit the days when you didn't see the point in them and instead you'd sit and watch six series of your favourite show or sit in the sun with your friends. It feels hard, and these past months when quite a lot has felt wrong and gone wrong all I want to do is quit the week and spend my life in the weekends. But I'm going car shopping this weekend and have a fringe appointment tomorrow (this is a live saving appointment, the last hairdresser i went to FEATHERED my fringe, I have wanted to cut it all off all day) and I feel like everything is moving forwards, with me beginning to work towards my own personal deadlines and goals rather than those set by teachers.
I nearly threw out the Lazy Oaf dungarees Im wearing in these photos, the straps on the back are breaking and I'd chucked it in my charity shop pile, when Chases little face sad at me discarding his birthday present from a couple of years back (and I think he was all the more sad for how much it cost, not so much the sentiment..) made me feel bad and put it in back in my wardrobe! I do love it and it felt weird to wear something short again, I used to ALWAYS wear short short things and since i got older (lol I'm only 24.. but seriously) I hate short things. I also found this feather jacket again after losing it in the chaos of moving and its made me want to track down more crazy fur/feather/tassel jackets (the latter of which I have my eye on and in my saved list on ASOS!)

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